Make What’s Old New Again!

Create your own space with a dream renovation from Donahue Enterprises! If your property needs attention, we would love to help. With more than 30 years experience remodeling homes just like yours, we know you want your whole house remodeling to be as seamless and low-impact as possible.

Whole House Renovations

We cover everything from tear out to build out

Some of the nicest homes in the area are homes that were let go for many years. You may have just purchased a fixer-upper that needs the proper care required to make it your dream home. With our attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and innovative designs, your renovation will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Making what’s old new again isn’t just a tagline

We go out of our way to repurpose or upcycle as much material as we can to preserve the “bones” of your home. Taking this extra step lends natural beauty to your project that is often over-looked from “cookie cutter” renovations.

The key to any successful renovation is in the planning

Whole house renovations require a bit more detail and planning up front to make sure that all aspect of the project are planned properly; from plumbing and electrical to drywall and painting, we want to make sure the timeline works for you and your family while keeping in mind your budget.

In the end, we believe its the hundred little things instead of just a few big things that make a renovation project successful. Creating something new from an existing building takes the right amount of design, functionality and beauty…this is what separates Donahue Enterprises from other renovation companies. If you would like to see some of our work, please click here. To contact us about your project, call us at 828-319-2541 or click here to contact us through the site.